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“Women are emotional beings” is a conventional belief that partly holds true owing to the fact that many women express their emotions quite freely in comparison to men. But this doesn’t mean that these women are emotionally strong or that they can handle their emotions very well. Being an Indian woman, there are a lot of things going on in our minds – home, workplace, family, personal matters, and much more. Many of these thoughts have emotions attached to them. If not kept in check, our thoughts, feelings and emotional reactions would have a deep impact on our actions and on our mental health. Yet, a successful woman diligently works on herself to reach emotional maturity. Let us look at the habits of an emotionally strong woman

  • Learn from mistakes: A woman high in emotional intelligence has made a lot of mistakes in her life. But she makes sure that she learns a lesson from them. She does not let her mind sulk in guilt or regret for long. She accepts that she is a human being and that it is okay to slip and fall once a while. 
  •  Recover from setbacks: As adept as she is at moving on from her mistakes, an emotionally intelligent woman also recovers quickly from setbacks in her life. While most of us may spend a lot of our time brooding and ruminating over all the sad or unjust things that happened to us, this wonder-woman consoles herself with hope and optimism, thereby rising above the setbacks quicker than others. She knows that life is an unpredictable journey, full of joys and sorrows. “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best” is her motto, when it comes to facing potential setbacks.
  • Set realistic goals: A woman with a commendable emotional intelligence identifies her strengths and weaknesses. She sets goals based on her evaluation of herself. In addition to that, she tries to enhance her skills and overcome her flaws to reach the goals. 
  • Giving up is okay: The woman high in emotional strength does her best to reach her goals. She keeps a highly optimistic attitude when it comes to fulfilling her goals. However, at the same time, she doesn’t see giving up as a personal failure. She knows that she cannot win every time and that she has many other goals to look forward to, too.
  • Respond, not react: This woman does not give away to impulses of anger, fear, jealousy or envy. She knows that emotional reactions are natural and that she needs to take control of them and express them in a better way. She makes sure that her words and actions do not hurt others and tries her best to communicate her feelings in an appropriate manner. 
  • Effective Communication: This woman vocally expresses her demands, her feelings and her thoughts instead of dropping subtle hints to the concerned person. She is aware that the subtle hints aren’t always understood and that they can create misunderstandings. That way she needn’t be disappointed about people not understanding her. 
  • Forgive, not forget: A woman possessing emotional intelligence doesn’t hold grudges against anyone. Yet, she makes sure to remember the wrongdoings of people- not to judge them or to reprimand them, but to understand them better as a person, and to know how she should deal with them in the future. She doesn’t cram her mind with feelings of bitterness. 
  • All opinions don’t matter: Everyone we know has a different opinion about us. What our close friends think of us could be different from the opinion of an acquaintance. This woman, however, knows which people are her well-wishers and takes only their opinion into consideration. She doesn’t let anyone else let her down. 
  • Emotionally independent: An emotionally adept woman doesn’t depend too much on others for her happiness. She tries to find it within herself as far as possible. She knows people change overtime and that feelings may wear out. She makes sure she spends some time in solitude, too. Being emotionally clingy is a big no for her.
  • Attitude of Gratitude: It is a natural human tendency to take things or people for granted. While many others are ignorant about their luck, an emotionally strong woman occasionally pauses her life to count her blessings. She feels grateful for everything – her possessions, her loved ones, her skills and even the lessons learnt in life.

The road to inculcating these habits might be a long one, but these habits will definitely make your life happier, more peaceful, and more meaningful.

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