10 Easy Tips to Staying Motivated

What is the need for motivation? Why do we need to look for motivating ourselves as well as others? Shouldn’t everyone understand that sometimes activities that we do, may not get the result that we expect of. Why is it that some people are more practical and seem to accept failures as part of life, whereas some others cannot even accept a NO from someone?

The circumstances, the upbringing, the culture, the society and even the genetic makeup influences how the person would react to a situation. But at the end of the day, we as humans, being the most intelligent species on this world, can practise anything due to continuous learning.

The process of being motivated is also a learning process.

Humans are social beings by nature. Though privacy is considered the in-thing and most basic requirement of our modern lives, we do need company. Loneliness most often leads to depressions.

Here are a few tips that will help everyone to stay motivated and happy.

  • Stay fit. We cannot achieve anything if our bodies are not capable of supporting our interests. So, eat healthy, sleep well, practise meditation oryoga or go for running, swimming etc. Follow a routine that suits your style.
  • Throw away toxic people. The earth is the home for all types of species and it is not essential for every species to get along nicely with the other! We are here to live our life and not to please or to be compared with anyone else. Our journey is simply unique. So just throw away the toxic people from your life and surround yourself with motivated positive people. Their positivity will rub off on you, in the longer run.
  • Have a balance in your activities. For a present-day adult, it is very easy to lose their mind in the myriad of complexities and routine work that engulf daily. It is very essential that a balance is maintained among the activities and we try to spend some time on ourselves.
  • Read, Watch Inspirational books, videos. Try to read or watch motivational videos and establish a routine in your life. As simple as it may sound, establishing a routine is the most essential and most difficult step for achieving anything.
  • Start early. The child must be told that failures are part and parcel of our lives. The sun always rises irrespective of the calamity on the earth. If the child understands the simple philosophy behind this statement, the child would never fear failures.
  • It’s never the end of the world. As humans, our brains do get triggered with multiple type of thoughts; some may be good, and some may be bad. It does not really matter. It is a natural process for us to feel Up and Down. But it is very essential that we are alert to it and do not get carried away by a mood. As the saying goes, ‘Its ok to fall down; but you just need to get back up’. Take your time – Cry, Scream or even just sleep, eat your favourite food, watch a nice movie – but just get back up.
  • Take one step at a time. Remember there is no human on this earth who has walked on the day he was born.
  • Learn from your baby. Babies are the best teachers in this world who can motivate us. Just watch how a baby keeps trying to walk or to get up. Just watch them how they keep trying to get something that they want. So, you just need to bring out that child in you who can keep trying without worrying about anything else.
  • Have Realistic expectations. While we need not be immune to others success, it is also very much necessary that we do have realistic expectations. Success, Failures, Achievements are relative. Define what is success for you.
  • Empathise and Share. Every person is fighting a struggle that you are not aware of.  We usually never have time to listen to someone else’s problems. Lend a non-judgemental ear to others. Most of the time, it has been found that we feel better just by venting out our fears and worries.

Remember we have just one life to live. So, Live your life to your hearts content.

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About the author:

Sudha Divakar – A Proud stay at home mom. She has worked in the IT industry for 15 years and has taken a break to take care of her priorities. She is an avid reader and enjoys watching movies with her tiny tots at home. She believes that life is full of beauty and must be lived one day at a time.

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